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Akoya Properties


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Akoya Properties

We are committed to delivering WOW through a superior level of professional real estate services, nu

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A full services luxury real estate company in the heart of Amman, Jordan. Delivering WOW through a superior level of professional real estate services

Our Services

Architecture Design

Exterior design for both residential and commercial projects

Interior Design

Interior design and implementation for all kinds of projects


Implementation and project management


Royal Mirage Royal Duplexes

Introducing the inspiration behind Royal Mirage by AKOYA. A mansion from the outside, apartments from the inside. Redefining the luxury living experience. With a flair for the refined, AKOYA redefines luxury, creating signature properties, each distinct and yet all built to the same principle of the highest standards. Starting with the selection of prime locations and iconic designs to the planning of the interiors and carefully selected finishes with close attention to the requirements and tastes of our clientele not only to satisfy their needs but to exceed their expectations. We want to leave a positive and lasting mark on the city's landscape through innovative real estate solutions. We have a vision of creating exceptional properties and beautiful neighbourhoods where people work and enjoy life to the fullest. Welcome to a world that is rare, a world where life is a masterpiece ...Royal Mirage by AKOYA

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Akoya Properties Team

Arch Omar Zghayar

Founder Architect


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Abdoun - Amman Jordan

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