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How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Most, if not all, living rooms have a coffee table right at the center. A well-designed table can complement the look and decor of the space. Have everyone talking about your coffee table with these few decorating tips.

Gather Your Accessories

You may own a beautiful coffee table, but if it’s full of clutter and other objects, it may not make a difference in your room. The first step to any redesign is decluttering and cleaning up. Next, figure out what items you’ll want to keep out on your table. Be careful not to include too many, as that will bring a mess back to your table.

Coffee Table Books

Most people’s go-to for decorating their coffee table is the classic oversized book. And this is for good reason. Coffee table books come in many shapes, sizes and topics. You can easily show off your interests by including a few books on your table. Aim to find books of different sizes if you plan on using more than one. Purchase books with interesting covers and plenty of photos inside for guests to look at.

Coasters & Candles

Thinking practically, coffee tables are great places to display functional design elements. My coffee table always has at least one candle on it and is great for ambiance when everyone is gathered around. Coasters don’t have to be boring. There are many vintage and contemporary options to keep with the design of your room. Or, choose coasters with storage, so it can become a part of the décor.

Collectibles & Antiques

There is not a better way to display items you are proud of than right in the center of your room; on the coffee table. Of course, if you have a whole collection, pick ones that would work best for the table without cluttering it. Mix smaller items with larger items for visual appeal.

Create the Centerpiece

Centerpieces are crucial to any good coffee table design. With just a few objects, the centerpiece takes into consideration all the elements such as accessories, table design and room style and creates a focal point. Remember, centerpieces don’t have to always be in the “center” when it comes to coffee table design. If you have multiple large pieces or want to create more table space, play with different areas of the table to see what works best for you.

Use Trays and Runners

Trays, runners and cloth pieces create a visual space for your items to stay contained as one unit. Depending on what you choose, it can add to the theme of the room. Find a vintage tray to enhance the look of your antiques. Or, a colorful tablecloth to give it a modern, playful look. Trays work well to hide remotes and other electronic devices.

Flowers & Plants

Bring life into your living room with flowers and plants. They may take a bit of care, but are well worth the investment. The flower or plant should match the décor of your room. Hydrangeas and succulents are trendy plants to include, but there are plenty of options. This will likely be the tallest item on your table, so be sure to include a vase that reflects the décor.

Arrange Your Items

Since you’ve chosen what items to display, it’s time to arrange them to impress. The way you style your coffee table depends on the items you have chosen. Start by placing your plant or flower in one of the corners of your centerpiece tray or cloth. Next, work from the largest item down, stacking books smallest to largest, in sets of three and adding in the small accessories. If it’s starting to look a little crowded, play with the space, but don’t be afraid to remove items from the area.

Call an Interior Decorator

If you truly can’t decide what items to include on your coffee table, call an interior decorator to help! They can style the coffee table perfectly to match the décor of the room. You can contact one of Ammerli’s Interior designers, just click on www.ammerli.com

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