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4 Rug Mistakes To Never Make

We all believe that rugs give a beautiful look to all our homes, Check these 4 rug mistakes to avoid making them:

1. Choosing a rug that's too small : The size of a rug is so important. It should be large enough, So at least the front legs of the furniture are on it.

2.Being afraid of pattern: Don't be afraid of choosing a cute print or a colorful one. It helps you to create a happy space. it also avoid your home from a boring look. 

3. Choosing your rug last: If you're choosing your decoration from scratch, It's preferable to choose rugs first before putting any tiny little thing in your home.

4.Skipping the rug pad: Some people don't know the importance of a rug pad, It actually avoids people from slipping and sliding, and it adds a layer of comfort underfoot.

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