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5 Design Tips from a Stunning Bathroom Makeover

1.Begin with a clear idea of what you want: Whether the project is conducted by a design team or not, it’s really important to know what you like and dislike about your space, which will inform a comprehensive floor plan that integrates all of the desired changes. From there, you can think about aesthetics, from the color palette to the types of fittings you’d like to incorporate.

2. Do your research: Gather as many images of spaces you love as you can. The more trained your eye becomes on what you love, the easier it will be to make decisions as you move along. It will also give you a solid database to use and compare against your selections.

3. Know your budget: A flexible budget will allow you to make unexpected design decisions during the process, which add in cost but also significantly add to the space, always leave yourself some extra funds for great fittings and finishes, since ultimately that is what you will see daily, and things do come up during construction.

4. Hire the right people: To achieve beautiful results, it’s important to start with a good team you can trust, and who understands your budget and where to allocate your funds so they shine.

5. Be detail-oriented: When working with white marble, your idea of a beautifully laid-out marble vein along the floor is likely not the same as the person who will be doing the tiling work, so make sure you rehearse this before anything is glued down. And make sure to open all of your tile boxes to sift through the material before starting to use it.

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