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10 Ways to Beautify Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest, and take a break from the chaos of everyday life. Check these 10 Tips that might help you with your Bedroom

1.Mix & Match: Add interest by mixing prints, like the stripe, coral, and chinoiserie patterns in this bedroom. 

2. Go Bold: Bedding is the perfect place to be daring, not only because it's easy to change out, but also because the options are endless. Don't be afraid to mix and match, as long as the sheets and duvet share a common color theme.

3. Add a Pop of Color: Spice up a traditional four-poster bed with a striped upholstered headboard and sunny nightstands.

4. Maximize Storage: A pretty nightstand with enough storage space for all the necessities can be hard to find. This one conquers clutter with three roomy drawers and a pullout shelf. Plus, its clean white finish, classic molding, and square, tapered feet make it a nice fit with any style of decor.

5. Paint it Blue: The color blue has been proven to reduce stress and decrease blood pressure—both key factors on the path to a good night's sleep—so it's a popular choice in bedrooms. Choose a favorite shade of paint and pair it with a coordinating patterned wallpaper to adorn an accent wall behind the bed.

6. Sea the Light: Decorating with ocean-inspired accents is a surefire way to create a calming effect in a bedroom. This bedside lamp base boasts a faux coral motif finished with white lacquer and topped with a silk shade for a sleek, simple look.

7. Go Tropical: The bamboo-inspired frame lends breezy flair.

8. Add Softness: A padded headboard is perfect for late-night readers.

9. Consider Cottage Comfort: A wooden bed gets a wake-up call in cool blue.

10. Very Vintage: Add charm with a Victorian-style brass bed

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