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5 Tips To Freshen Up Your Front Door

Whether you prefer a modern door design or a more traditional one, nothing says, “Welcome home!” like a beautiful front door. In this blog you will be introduced to the 5 tips that will help you freshen up you front door 

1. Paint your door the right way: If you want to feel that your door is more welcoming, you better choose bright colors like (yellow, orange).

2. Get more attractive stuff and put them on your door: Like you can get the right plants to put them on your door, And Please don't forget to take a good care of them in order to let them survive and give the welcoming vibe you're going for.

3.Edge toward a door design: You choose some colorful plants pots or different beautiful sculptures to put it on the edge, So you can feel like a warm invitation to your home.

4.Dress up your door numbers: There many number styles , Don't forget to choose what sizes, color, and style you think would look best. and we can't forget that number placement is important too.

5.Get a knock-out door knocker: Get a personalized knocker that adds a beautiful look to your door.

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