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How To Build Your Profile On Ammerli


Got an Ammerli profile? Congrats!


Now you are competing for international architecture and interior firm's attention. Ammerli is not only a website, it's a platform to showcase your best projects and skills. Firms use the info you have entered such as skills, software, bio and pictures to find you! More accurate info lead to better chances to your profile to be viewed.


But with an increasing number of users, there's stiff competition! A great profile on Ammerli.com can help you have more chances landing a job or a contact request, whether it's being seen by a potential clients, employees, website users or even other freelancers. 


Here are some tips of how to build a great profile:


·         Once you are listed on Ammerli.com, you will have your own web-portfolio with a back-end, don't forget to fill your profile with the contact information that includes: email Address, phone Number & your unique web-page address.

·         Write a short and direct description about yourself.

·         Start with a good logo (profile picture). People like visuals on your profile and your logo is an important one.


·         Add a background photo to your personal profile, a dark picture of your work will look great!

·         BE CREATIVE :)


Here's an example of full profile with a step by step how to do it 


            Dashboard helps organize your data


·         Orders you have received 

·         Total number of views on your web-portfolio

·         Analytics for web-portfolio views

·         Profile and page editor - where you can edit your web-portfolio data

·         Requests and orders - View all orders you have received 

·         Additional images - enables you to add more pictures to your portfolio 



            Profile and Page Editor 

            Settings and Main Info


·         Select the software you've worked on

·         Select your best skills 

This will help us match you with the right clients and employers 


            Profile and Page Editor 


·       Upload background for you web-portfolio 

·         Enter the text, pictures and data you want to have 

·         Click on "Live Preview" to see it live!


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