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Business Methods Architects Need in 2017


Architecture is a form of art with no standards to gauge, so many different views and aspects!

But one of the main keys to have a successful career as an architect; is the ability to sell your vision to clients. 
Here’s some of the key skills architects need to be able to sell and share their vision:

1- Communication skills

Communication skills for architects is very different from ordinary communication skills, where architects have to able to put clients in their seats and see their vision!
Here’s how you do it :
A- Conceptual drawings are an underrated milestone you need to show to your clients, these drawing will help you take your clients from seeing forms to seeing ideas. 
B- 3D models and drawings are you main point of contact with your clients thoughts and desires.
Talk to your clients as a consultant not a designer, you have to look at your design from an observer point of view. 

2- Financials

Well, as a designer you need to have a break down estimation for what your proposal will cost if the client agrees and starts looking for a contractor. 
A break down estimates should include pricing for individual features, total area and area per square meter. To have a killer pitch and get your proposal approved from the first time, you should always include a plan that will reduce the costs between 5-10% and 5-10% Increase. 
So for example: Increasing hight of each floor by 20cm or reducing it will effect the total pricing by 5-10%. A short and friendly explanation for the difference reason, will boost your chances in closing the deal.

3- Be in charge of setting up negation points

When you pitch a project, set up all the features or aspects of design you wouldn’t modify. Choose them wisely at a reasonable time frame and effort.
By all means you should give the client multiple options to choose, for example: “Here’s the design we have and you can select between these two type of facades, this cost 5% higher than other”
Giving the client different chooses along with financials; reduces time to gain full client’s satisfaction and closing the deal. 

Don’t be afraid to be out of the box, but confidence is a pitch killer. Confidence backed up with number and visuals makes a perfect pitch. remember It’s not always about the design, but it’s always about the story.

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