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Will architecture influence emotions?


Will architecture influence emotions? How would you control it? The prominence you feel walking into a palace, the mightiness you feel walking into Milan Cathedral or the holiness you feel walking into a Hagia Sophia. 

Can architects design the experience you feel, can they craft the emotions you will feel? Great architecture is not only crafting shadows and lights on masses, it is also designing the experience users will have using the space.

Here are how designs effect the way users feel:


Stairs height usually range between 16-18.5 cm, using less or more height will not be comfortable for an average human being.

But did you ever notice in old palaces and icon buildings; they have lower steps height?
The human brain is trained and expects foot to land on certain height, but with a lower step users are landing lower than expected. 

That tigers users to watch their steps. Looking up in a state of mind- which is a lower point than expected- users will feel the building they are walking into; to be even higher and mightier with more direct effect. 

*usually stairs like this are used only in entrances.

Organic Designs

Organic designs usually are represented by splines and curves, designer’s malleable pen can be viewed in both facades and plans. 

Organic architecture tigers right-minded form of thinking, where users will be eye-following formed architecture lines. In a state of mind provoking personal comparable experience, users will feel creativity, innovation and vision.

These to be felt not in an open to criticism design, but through the life-style and function of the designed space. Colours also have crucial impact on emotions along with the design, compatible use of materials and colours is a must to deliver the right idea to the users. 

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