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Sneaky ways to make your room look bigger


We are all facing the same problem in our lives: Being forced to cram our lives into small spaces. From bedrooms that are barely big enough to fit a bed, to living rooms that have to accommodate a dining area, a home office, and a TV, fitting everything you need into a small space isn’t an easy task!
 Paint or wallpaper the ceiling: Ceilings that are painted makes the room look Bigger and Taller. 

Use light colors on the wall and on the floor:  Dark colors make the room look smaller while lighter colors make the room feel airy.
Use stripes to elongate the space : Just like when you wear a striped shirt, you will look taller. That's when you use a striped rug in your room, you will make your space feel taller and bigger.

Keep your windows uncovered to give the room more depth: Bringing more lights to your room, makes it look bigger. 
Place mirrors to create the illusion of more space: Placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel larger. 

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