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6 Ways to make your room feel brand new


6 Ways to make your room feel brand new

1. Cover your wall with tapestries : Try hanging tapestries on wall, They give a beautiful new look. you can hang urban tapestries also on your wall, they give a different vibe to your bedroom.

2. Get rid of furniture you don't need : It's better to throw away old furniture and the things  you don't need, because lots of stuff in one room make it looks small and messy. 

3. Get a small rug and never ignore your floor : Use a small rug for your room and never ignore your floor.

4. Hide your cords and disguise your router : hang your cords in a wire basket attached to your desk. 

5. Put some artwork with frames on your wall: It shouldn't be an expensive artwork, Just hang a beautiful and a colorful ones.

6.  Have plants : You can never have too many.

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