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5 Ways To Enhance Your Home's Security

The right security measures can discourage expert thieves and beat opportunists. when it comes to safeguarding your home. You and your family can get hurt by hazardous areas around your property. Check out these 5 simple tips on securing your house by Mutakamila Automation Solutions 

1. Intrusion Detection System: All homes should have some form of security system, whether it’s a basic or advanced. Evaluate the needs for your area and choose a system you’re comfortable with. Some of the intrusion basics to consider include a doors/windows magnetic contacts, motion sensors and break glass detectors.

2. Locks and Alerts System : It can help easily view and manage locks, or grant or remove access to the house. Receive notification the moment that something isn’t right, such as a pipe leaking in the basement or the garage door left open. Monitor the state of your home, no matter how far away you are, by putting the control in your own hands.

3. Video Monitoring System : You can easily monitor cameras that are placed inside or outside of your house. Remotely view live security camera footage straight from your mobile device, and take command of your home, whether you are downstairs or downtown.

4. Use Lights For Protection: Burglars love to work in the dark, that’s why you should have proper lightning in your Garden. A brilliant idea is to have a motion sensor lights around your house.

5. Be a Good Neighbor: Good neighbors should look out for each other. Get to know your neighbors on each side of your home and the three directly across the street. Invite them into your home, communicate often, and establish trust. Good neighbors will watch out for your home or apartment when you are away, if you ask them. They can report suspicious activity to the police or to you while you are away.

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