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How to Become an Interior Decorator

If you have a love of decorating and a knack for arranging furniture and choosing décor and color, a career as an interior decorator may be perfect for you. To become a "decorator" you don’t need an extensive education or a fancy degree, just a good eye and a passion for the job. 

1. Gaining Experience: Evaluate your skills, strengths and weaknesses. If people compliment your decorating skills and turn to you for advice, that's a good sign that you have the natural talent to be an interior decorator. However, when working for others, you'll be exposed to a variety of different tastes and styles. You'll have to be able to show an extensive knowledge of space planning, fabrics and materials and you'll also have to be able to work with different personalities. 

2.Know the difference: An interior designer is not an interior decorator. These are two different jobs, that require slightly different skill sets and have different educational and certification requirements. As a general rule, interior designers are far more employable and tend to make more money than interior decorators.

3.Take courses: The main difference between a designer and a decorator is education. To become an interior designer, you need to enroll in courses on interior design at a university, community college, or design school. These courses help you learn about interior design in order to pass licensing and certification exams, while also helping you learn the technical aspects of design, such as working within the guidelines laid out in local and municipal building ordinances.

4.Get your license: Depending on what state you live in, the licensing requirements and guidelines are different. Some states don't require any licensing for interior designers while other states will not allow you to work in interior design without a license. 

5.Build a portfolio: Just like decorators, designers need to keep a record of the jobs they have completed and have evidence of the quality of their work. You can populate your portfolio more quickly if you are initially willing to work for free or take on design projects for friends or charitable organizations with small budgets. Make sure you take high quality photographs of your work to include in your portfolio.

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