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About Oc! My God

Oc! My God has its roots in a 1,600 sq ft al fresco seafood BBQ and grill that we owned and operated a while back, in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We came back to Singapore in Jan 2020, and then Covid-19 changed the world.

All this while, our desire to continue doing something with food has not diminished, in particular our passion for sharing what we love about Vietnamese cuisine with food lovers in Singapore. 

The Vietnamese food experience would not be complete without going down the culinary rabbit hole of snails and shellfood dining. The Vietnamese loves their snails and shells, and if you've gotten a taste of it when in Vietnam, you would immediately understand why. 

We ourselves love these dishes, sold a great load of them back at our shop, and now can't wait to cook them up again in Singapore, as a home-based business, to share with all of you.

And thus, Oc! My God is born.

About the name 

Oc! comes from "Ốc", the Vietnamese word for "snails". 

Through Oc! My God we express our wish for everyone to have a thrilling joy - an OMG sensation - when digging into our food.